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Alone Home Watch Service was born out of necessity. No one wants to drive to their vacation home, only to find damages or vandalism.

Vacation homes at Kerr Lake/Buggs Island and Lake Gaston offer many relaxing days and summer fun; but, all of that can be taken away by an unforeseen event. We all want to get to our vacation home and enjoy our time while there, not fix a leaky water heater.

That is where Alone Home comes in. We are a professional home watch service available to primary and second homes, vacation homes, and absentee homeowners in the Kerr Lake/Buggs Island and Lake Gaston Areas of North Carolina. We perform proactive inspections of your home while you are away.

We will thoroughly go over a completed checklist of things that could cause problems while you are away.

We will create a customized checklist for your property and conduct inspections on your schedule or as weather conditions demand.

About us

Mike Buzzell
My name is Mike Buzzell, and I will personally give you the security that you need. I have security training through the U.S. Air Force, and knowledge of what to look for, so I can give you peace of mind.

Your property is a financial investment that needs someone you can trust to look after it while you are away. Even in occupied dwellings, adverse weather conditions, pests, and routine structural system failures can threaten your investment. If you are away from home for a prolonged period, how will you know that everything is OK? Left unattended small problems can become bigger ones. And clearly, the sooner problems are discovered, the less it costs to fix them.

We will inspect your property, assess any problems, and consult with you to contract services and stay on the job as your representative until they are resolved. We can meet service people, supervise contractors, and more.

Alone Home is bonded and insured. We would love the opportunity to give you a FREE, no-obligation consultation today! Just call us, email us, or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch with you ASAP.